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1.EMC( Energy Management Contract)
EMC allows customers to use future energy-saving earnings for the plant and equipment upgrades, in order to reduce the operation cost.
The essence is to reduce energy costs to pay for energy saving projects cost.
(1).Zero risk: EMC is a mature technology, the equipment is nornative,and there are many successful cases.
(2).Zero investment:All the designing, auditing, financing, purchasing, construction monitoring are responsible by the energy service corporation,
 with no investment,butthe customers can share energy-saving results from the EMC.
(3).Energy efficient:Energy efficiency could be 50%, the company promise the energy efficiency,to drive the cost down.
2.Intelligent street light systemantic management mode
Intelligent street light management system is mainly used ZigBee the wireless technology to achieve a single lamp management function.
The advantages is listed:
●With the ZIGBEE wireless network and GPRS (Internet), this mode can get various states parameters of the street light on a user's computer automatically,
the automatic inspection is available, it can identify the street lights which are off service, degree of aging, lighting conditions, and soon.
●It makes the street lights dimming control and light-on-and-off mode according to needs possible,  it can save electricity above 40% (energy).
●The application of wireless networking mode can save a lot of wire and cable,and a lot of materials (low-carbon).

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